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How can music therapy help you and your family in pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond?

So often we hear people speak of the healing powers of music and how therapeutic music is for them.  Music often helps us navigate our emotions, relax during times of stress, energize/motivate us to move and exercise, and celebrate many of life's important moments.  We intuitively know it is therapeutic, but did you know that there is a science and entire healthcare field behind the use of music to improve our physical, social, and emotional well-being called music therapy?  Furthermore, did you know there is a growing field of board-certified music therapists dedicated to helping women, their partners, and families navigate the perinatal journey through the evidence-based use of music?

Through our Perinatal Music Therapy Services at Sing Explore Create, LLC we are committed to helping you navigate whatever challenges you may be facing as you prepare to become pregnant, give birth, adjust to postpartum life, or deal with the unexpected, such as experiencing a loss or having a child in the NICU.   Through our blend of counseling and perinatal music therapy techniques we promise to meet you where you are at and give you concrete, yet holistic and effective tools to face these challenges, so you can celebrate and enjoy the special moments along the way as you grow your family.  


While singing and creating music often comes naturally to children, we understand that many times in our culture, creating music can be nerve-wracking for adults.  Whether teaching you how to use music effectively in childbirth or working with you in one of our pre/postnatal support groups, we will be sure to help you use music in a way that is comfortable and effective for you.  That may be through singing, songwriting, and active music making or more passive experiences like listening and guided relaxation or lyric analysis.

Please visit our "Services" section to learn more and we invite you to contact us to discuss where you are at in your perinatal journey and what services best fit your needs.

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Available Services

  • Perinatal Counseling

  • Arts Based Postpartum Mom/Baby Support Groups

  • Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth

  • Music for Childbirth Workshops

  • Arts Based Pregnancy Support Groups

  • NICU Music Therapy

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